Easier than just giving your phone to the closest place, SMR offer an online service for less, simply mail your phone to us today!

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Booking online phone repair is simple with SMR. Just select your brand below, pick your phone, then select the repair you require. We know it is an essential requirement, we will have it back in your hands in no time.


How Online Repairs are Done

We make it easy if you don’t have time to visit your nearest store, our online repair service, making it so simple for everybody to get their devices fixed.

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Our Services

No need to worry, mishaps happen. SMR provides a massive selection of phone and device repairs, below are a few types of problems we can fix…

Screen Repair – take it easy, our experts can repair cracked screens for the leading phone makes. The absolute best bit of all is we only use genuine screens or replacements equally of the highest quality.

Battery Replacement – Power Running low? Never mind, we can offer you high-quality replacement batteries, we always monitor the batteries life and charging process before we return it to you.

Diagnostics Services and Express Repair
A fixed cost is charged to diagnose your faulty phone before we fix the issue, this is scratched if you decide to go ahead with the repair. When your phone stops working and you don’t know what is wrong, then we can help. Our qualified, trained specialists can ascertain what is up, to do what’s needed to fix it.

Back Cover We will safely remove the glass from your phone, while removing the broken glass, we can provide a new rear back cover, or broken housing for a dropped phone. Here at SMR, are we one of the leading companies to change a back glass cover on Apple iPhones and other leading makes. It’s not easy to find a service with all the right apparatus, but we are (USA, EU, UK) specialised, and focused on technology specifically.

PCB Board Repair It’s important not to disturb the wireless charging PC board, we do micro soldering and component replacement as well as most other phone repairs.

Why Pick SMR

warranty option
parts repair


Here are the most common questions asked, see what we can do for you.

How long do stocked repairs take?

Standard repairs done in less time, but more difficult fixes can take more time if parts must be ordered (as lead time can vary).

Once it arrives at our tech centre, a repair quote and fix for the problem is given, usually within 1-2 working days, after we have conducted a full diagnostic test (details calculated on a case-by-case basis before an exact quote is offered). With a flat fee for fully insured return post.

Where do I send my phone for repair?

Just book your repair on the website, no need to package up your item right away, an email with your order confirmation and a print out with the address where to send your device is sent to you (or just scan and print a QR code).

On average how much is it for repairs?

Depending on what make or model of device you have (view prices here) I’m sure we will probably beat your local High St. store estimate on our website and its cheaper compared to a new phone.

Which Apple devices do you repair

We repair all Apple models, from the original iPhone 5 to Pro, (providing water damage and glass back replacements).

Which Samsung models do you repair?

We repair all Samsung models, from old Samsung repairs to the latest S21 and Samsung watch repair.

Do you do Apple Watch glass replacement?

Yes, we can replace glass on Apple Watches, (all generations).

Do you repair Huawei phones?

Yes, we repair not only the P30 and P30 Pro, but all Huawei models available.

Can you repair Android devices of other brands?

Yes, we can get it working again (all Samsung devices are repaired as well). We can repair the most popular ones, and a selection of the more unusual model numbers and names.

There are many around, but at SMR we can get the parts, just ask for an estimate. In fact, we offer repairs on all device manufacturers such as, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Huawei, Amazon fire screen replacement and Acer, (few offer a lifetime guarantee) so you can extend their lifetime, if the warranty has ended, just ask us right now.

Do I have to give you my unlock password or device passcode?

The Samsung device passcode is requirement for testing the device before and after the repair, to ensure that the works completed correctly we need to test the device (we do not access your personal data or see your photos for example).

If for example the cameras replaced, we need to check that its working, or drag the icons across the home display. NB: for Samsung devices your IMEI codes required

Do you wipe my files documents?

No, unless you request us to do a factory reset, we will not delete your files and documents.

Need help?

Get in touch! Contact our support team with your return email address, to ask any questions about delivery & returns, after your repair is done, or if you have any queries about the phone repair service we offer.

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