SendmyRepair concentrates on providing a direct (not in store), door-to-door postal service on smartphones, smart-watches, and tablets. For new releases in 2021, we have even bigger and better savings (nationwide), by us repairing lots of devices each week, it means great value for our customers. We use only the highest quality parts, and with our warranty on all repairs, you are supported by a reliable trustworthy brand.

branch repair




branch repair




Screen Replacement

Does your phone or tablet need a new screen? here at SendmyRepair we have skilled technicians to change screens for the top brands of phones and tablets. We use screens of the highest quality available on the market, and if possible genuine screens. We perform a full range of quality checks after a repair is performed.

Battery Replacement

When your phone or tablet needs a battery, our service is all about helping you get it power up. We use only batteries of the highest quality available on the market, where possible we will use genuine batteries. Out ream of experts will make sure your device battery life and charging process is working properly after battery replacement.

Back Cover Replacement

Here at SendmyRepair, Not only are we one of the leading companies in the UK to provide back glass replacement service on iPhones. We will safely remove the glass from your device and in removing the broken glass its important not to disturb the wireless charging PC board. We can provide a back cover replacement service for many more phone models.

Diagnostics Services

When your device stops working and you don’t know what is wrong, then our diagnostic service can help. Our qualified experts can ascertain what is up, and provide a price to do what’s needed to fix your device.

PCB Board Repair

After performing the diagnostic service if we locate an issue with the PCB board, we can do everything from changing electrical components to logic board soldering, port, button or headphone jack replacement, and we will be more than happy to do this level of repair.

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Branch Repairs

No need to locate your nearest store that repairs mobiles and tablets…you can find here, everything you need. You don’t have to worry about finding a local store by (postcode, town, or city) that’s open.

After you have located your device repair below, request a Free estimate for repair AND a Free post shipping lable.


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How much is it for repairs?

Depending on what make or model of device you have (view prices here) I’m sure we will probably beat your local store estimate on prices on our website and its cheaper compared to a new phone.

Do you repair all Samsung models?

We offer repair for all Samsung models including the popular Samsung A10 and Samsung S10 devices.

Do you repair all Apple models?

We repair all Apple models including the original iPhone 5 right up to the latest 11Pro (including glass back replacements).

Can you repair Apple Watch glass?

We can replace the glass on Apple watches.

Do you repair Huawei phones?

Yes, we repair not only the P30 and P30 Pro, but all Huawei models available.

Can you repair tablets of other brands?

Yes, not only do we repair all iPad starting with the iPad 2 up to the iPad Pro, plus all Mini and Air variants in fact whatever iPad you have we can get it working again like the original iPad. You can find our mor about tablet repairs on this page. Samsung tablets we can repair the most popular ones and a selection of the more unusual model numbers and names. There are many Samsung tablets around, at SendmyRepair we can get the parts, just ask for an estimate. In fact, we offer repairs on all tablet brands including Lenovo, Huawei, and Acer, etc, right now.

Do I have to give you my unlock password or code?

We need the passcode to test the device after repair (we do not access to your personal data and photos for example), to ensure that the work has been completed correctly. If for example the camera has been replaced, we need to check that its working, or drag the icons across the home screen.

Do you wipe my files documents?

No, unless you request us to do a factory reset, we will not delete your files and documents.

Do you protect my data?

The reason depends, firstly on if you dropped your device the impact may have damaged the electric circuits, in this situation it may not be possible to repair. First, we would have to look at it to ascertain the reason. Otherwise, if the device is still operable, we suggest making a backup copy of your data first, we do not require access any of your files or documents.