More convenient than just giving your phone to the nearest place, SMR offer an online service for less, simply mail your phone to us today!

Just select your make below, choose your phone, to find the screen repair required. We know it is an essential requirement, for all Samsung devices, iPads and iPhones, we will have it back in your hands in no time.


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Repair needed? No need to worry, mishaps happen. SMR provides a massive selection, we are a mobile phone repair shops, leading alternative, we offer all different types of repairs. We can fix… Screen repair – take confidence, our repair experts can repair cracked screens for the leading phone makes. Best of all we only use real screens or replacements of the highest quality. LCD and glass screen replacement on phones, tablets, and smartwatches, it’s easy, take it to your nearest post office store to mail it direct to us. We’ll ensure you get it back asap.


What people think about our Mobile Phone Repairs Service

Trust is the main reason they choose SMR, along with a low fee charged, security, rapid repairs, extended guarantee, and any manufacturer service repair, leads to happy customers.

We concentrate on providing a direct (not in store), door-to-door postal service on phones, Samsung smart-watches, and tablets. For new releases this year in 2022, receive your estimate today. We have even bigger and better savings (nationwide), by us repairing lots of phones each week, it means great value for our customers. We use only the highest quality parts, and with our warranty on all repairs, so rest assured you’re supported by a reliable trustworthy brand.

Diagnostics Services

When your phone stops working and you don’t know what is wrong, then our diagnostic service can help. Our qualified experts can ascertain what is up, and provide a price to do what’s needed to fix your phone.

Back Cover

Here at SMR, Not only are we one of the leading companies to change a back glass on Apple iPhones and other leading makes, it’s not easy to find this service in the (UK, EU, USA). We will safely remove the glass from your phone, and while removing the broken glass, it’s important not to disturb the wireless charging PC board. We can provide a rear, back cover, or broken housing for a dropped phone, for many more phone models including OnePlus, Google, Motorola, and Xiaomi.

Replacing your Screen

If local shops install a faulty screen can get your money back? We are specialised in screen repairs, they also come with an extended warranty option, so you don’t need to be concerned about new repairs. Here at Send my Repair we have skilled technicians who are able fix your phone, (and because our team are specialised in screen repairs) you can rest assured we won’t change it for a cheap quality digitiser, an unresponsive touchscreen, or one with missing pixels.

For the top brands we have the parts in stock, or get them delivered express to minimise the wait. And unlike local shops, we ensure a cracked screens replaced fast. You only pay for the repair when its fixed.

We know how to repair your phone screen

If the screens cracked, we don’t recommend you try to do it yourself with a home phone kit.
We will fix it for you with one of the highest quality available on the market, and if possible, genuine screens.

How much does it cost to mend a broken screen on a mobile phone?

Based on the choice of smartphone and its features, the average repair cost for a broken screen is fully dependent on the phone that you have, however you can rest assured that a full range of quality checks after the repairs performed, so why wait? Get it done today!

How much does it cost to replace a mobile phone battery?

When your phone or tablet needs a battery replacement, our service is all about helping you get it to power up. We use only batteries of the highest quality available on the market, where possible we will use genuine batteries. Out team will make sure your device battery life and charging process is working properly after replacement of batteries.

FAQ About the Mobile Phone Repairs

Here are the most common questions about mobile phone repairs. Choose your repair, and see what we can do to fix it.

How long do stocked repairs take?

Standard device repairs done in less time, but more difficult fixes can take more time if parts must be ordered (as lead time can vary). Once it arrives at our repair centre, a repair quote and fix for the problem is given usually within 1-2 working days, after we have conducted a full diagnostic test (price details calculated on a case-by-case basis before an exact quote is offered). A flat fees charged for fully insured returned post.

Where do I send my device for repair?

Just book your repair on the website, no need to package up your device right away, an email with your order confirmation and a print out with the address where to send your device is sent to you (or just scan and print a QR code).

How much is it for repairs?

Depending on what make or model of device you have (view prices here) I’m sure we will probably beat your local shop estimate on prices on our website and its cheaper compared to a new phone.

Do you repair all Samsung models?

We offer repair for all Samsung models including the popular Samsung A10 and Samsung S10 phones.

Do you repair all Apple models?

We repair all Apple models including the original iPhone 5, right up to the latest 11Pro (including glass back replacements and iPhone water damage).

Can you repair Apple Watch glass?

We can replace the glass on Apple watches and more.

Do you repair Huawei phones?

Yes, we repair not only the P30 and P30 Pro, but all Huawei models available.

Can you repair Android tablets of other brands?

Yes, not only do we repair all iPad starting with the iPad 2 up to the iPad Pro, plus all Mini and Air variants in fact whatever iPad you have we can get it working again like the original iPad. You can find out more about tablet repairs on this page. Samsung tabs we can repair the most popular ones and a selection of the more unusual model numbers and names. There are many Samsung tablets around, at Send my Repair we can get the parts, just ask for an estimate. In fact, we offer repairs on all tablet brands including Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Huawei, and Acer, etc, right now.

Do I have to give you my unlock password or passcode?

The device passcode is an required for testing the device before and after the repair, to ensure that the works completed correctly (we do not access to your personal data and photos for example). If for example the cameras replaced, we need to check that its working, or drag the icons across the home screen. NB: for Samsung devices your IMEI code is required

Do you wipe my files documents?

No, unless you request us to do a factory reset, we will not delete your files and documents.

Do you protect my data?

The reason depends, firstly on if you dropped your device the impact may have damaged the electric circuits, in this situation it may not be possible to repair. First, we would have to look at it to ascertain the reason. Otherwise, if the device is still operable, we suggest making a backup copy of your data first, we do not require access any of your files or documents.

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